27 July 2012


Got our test results and glad to say that I passed the systems exam for the ATR 72!

That's a load off my mind! So it's back to my normal schedule of getting up really early and heading into dispatch to handle our Dash 8 aircraft.

Thanks to our instructor, Chief Pilot Ryan Frost on an excellent class as well as to all the pilots in ATR Systems class 72-01. Daniel, Will, Willie, Kyle, Lance, Diana, Chris and Mike! Appreciate all the help with the tough stuff and being patient. Had a great time in class!

"Cowboy boots & tighty-white-es!"


  1. How’s your handling of the Dash 8 aircraft? By the way, congratulations for passing the exams!

  2. Just got my Dispatch license and applied for the assistant dispatch position at Island Air. Wish me luck!