27 July 2012


Got our test results and glad to say that I passed the systems exam for the ATR 72!

That's a load off my mind! So it's back to my normal schedule of getting up really early and heading into dispatch to handle our Dash 8 aircraft.

Thanks to our instructor, Chief Pilot Ryan Frost on an excellent class as well as to all the pilots in ATR Systems class 72-01. Daniel, Will, Willie, Kyle, Lance, Diana, Chris and Mike! Appreciate all the help with the tough stuff and being patient. Had a great time in class!

"Cowboy boots & tighty-white-es!"

25 July 2012

Here comes the TEST!

Another day of training is wrapping up. Tomorrow, Thursday, 26 July 2012 @ 1830 UTC we will be taking our written exam. Gotta pass by 80% or better. So as it has been all week in class whenever we have a quiet moment, everyone shuffles off to a quiet corner and studies.

After 2 weeks, we have covered the ATR 72 systems pretty thoroughly. This aircraft relies heavily on electrics, so this has become the focal point of everyone's anxiety in class. The Dash 8, I felt was an equal balance of of all the systems. But the 72, relies so heavily on electricity. Beyond that, it's not a bad aircraft. As a dispatcher, sitting in on a pilot training class and covering an aircraft system very deeply, can cause your brain to meltdown. But it's excellent exposure.

So tonight, it's study, study study! Hopefully, it all works out tomorrow and that the information in my currently "overcooked" brain will flow to my hand holding the pen and it turns out alright.

19 July 2012

Enfin! La formation de nos 72 ATR nouvelle a commence!

Finally! The training for our new ATR 72 has begun! After 3 days of systems training, my head is spining! I'm just happy that were moving forward and the process has begun.
The ATR 72 is a new aircraft for me. I've previously flown on the ATR 42 model as a flight attendant and I really enjoyed the aircraft.

So far topics covered in systems has been pnuematics, ice protection, hydraulics, aircraft general and so much other stuff. Our class is made up of 8 pilots and 2 dispatchers. The biggest challenge for us is that were the first group to go though the training and its a big learninig curve. Lots of questions by all, interspersed with moments of humor and gut busting laughter as we cause grief to out 2 instructors.

Over all, it's a lot of fun and I'm excited to be here.

EXCLUSIVE !!!! to Aircraft Dispatcher !!!!!!!!

I can also share with you our new colors, logo and aircraft paint job here for the first time is the NEW look for Island Air.

A press release was put out today 2100 GMT to show the world our new look.
I'm sharing it with you.

Visit http://www.islandair.com/ to see more.

06 June 2012

ATR's?? Where???

So here begins my series about the ATR that my company is getting. I will blog about this until the day they become operational with Island Air.

The first of our flt crews are back from Houston. While there they attended ATR ground school and sim training. I was originally scheduled to attend the training. Crews were in Houston for about 4 weeks, but last minute changes by senior management had us sit this session out.

So as we roll into June, we're all wondering where the ATR's are at? The word is they are now delayed and not scheduled to arrive until August. Until then, the returning check airmen are busy putting together the first ground school for those pilots who want to bid into the new aircraft type. Ground school starts 25 June. No date set for dispatcher ground school on the new aircraft. Can't wait to work with the ATR's again, but this time dispatching them.

28 April 2012

Changes are afoot!

I'M BACCCKKKK! After a almost year absence from this blog, I'm finally finding the time to begin posting again. Albeit I'm doing it late at night when the baby and everyone else is asleep. Anyway, I felt now is the right time to make this blog active again. To my original "7" followers of this blog, I say thanks for sticking around. To all those who visit or just happen to see my site, I also say thanks for stopping and reading. I greatly appreciate it.

As the title suggests, things are afoot where I work at. As noted in the local media and on various aviation news blogs, my company, Hawaii Island Air are going to get a "new" aircraft type. Since our aging fleet of Dash-8-100's are getting up there in time, we have decided to invest in ATR's! The company is going ahead and getting both models, the 42's and 72's. I've worked with and on the 42 models in the early '90's with another now defunct airline and i actually love ATR-42. Not to familiar with the 72's, but I'm sure it's not much diffrence.

So, I'll be deep in the transition of this aircraft within our fltops dept so I will do a regular series on this event over the course of the change over. I'll also write about anything and everything else that goes on in dispatch as well as at HNL and in aviation as well. Look forward to writing and taking pictures again and thanks for stopping by. Look forward to your comments on my blog. Till the next post...Aloha!