25 July 2012

Here comes the TEST!

Another day of training is wrapping up. Tomorrow, Thursday, 26 July 2012 @ 1830 UTC we will be taking our written exam. Gotta pass by 80% or better. So as it has been all week in class whenever we have a quiet moment, everyone shuffles off to a quiet corner and studies.

After 2 weeks, we have covered the ATR 72 systems pretty thoroughly. This aircraft relies heavily on electrics, so this has become the focal point of everyone's anxiety in class. The Dash 8, I felt was an equal balance of of all the systems. But the 72, relies so heavily on electricity. Beyond that, it's not a bad aircraft. As a dispatcher, sitting in on a pilot training class and covering an aircraft system very deeply, can cause your brain to meltdown. But it's excellent exposure.

So tonight, it's study, study study! Hopefully, it all works out tomorrow and that the information in my currently "overcooked" brain will flow to my hand holding the pen and it turns out alright.

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