24 September 2016

Its been a long road...

Uh Hello?? Anyone still here??

Wow I came back to my blog here that I had stopped working on because I haven't had the time to do it, and I still see people who come over and read my past post. Thank You.
I know that there isn't much here on this blog, but I'm amazed that people still find this little blog and stop and read my little stories.

So little time and so much to write about. SO what new?? Well...lets see...

old owner sold our airline to new (richer) owner
went to bombardier in Toronto, Canada for dispatcher Q400 training
moved our office from overlooking the airfield at HNL (boohoo)
company decide NOT to get Q400's (WHY??...waaaaaaaaaaaa!!!)
moved to our corporate office with 3 walls and large windows
(so now everyone stare's at us like we're fish or some sort of small animal) 
new owner invested and eventually sold to another new local owner
new CEO
new CEO (not a typo, we got a new CEO then about 3 weeks later lost him and got another)
ATR's are going bye-bye! YAY!
(all you ATR lovers, don't hate on me. Our planes were 20 years old. We need new ones)
DASH 8-Q400 are returning...(eeeehhh we'll see...wink wink)
Training starts soon for the Q400's
changes, changes, changes afoot!

plus in the past 2 years I personally had some changes in my life that occurred that has left me unable to restart this blog. All good. some bad but life is full of things like that.

So, here's my second attempt to restart this blog that I really enjoyed doing.
Hope you stick around! Thanks!

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