05 July 2020

Let's go Back to the Future!

Aloha everyone!

So since my last post WWWWWAAAAAYYYYYY back in 2016, a lot of things have happened.

On 10 November 2017, the company that I dedicated 14 years to as a dispatcher, went bankrupt!!! That was not pretty and boy there were many of rough times after that. I won't go into the details of WHY we went bankrupt, it's all out there in on the internet for people to pull up. Safe to say there are a few people who are responsible of it happening. but, i digress...

After a few months of collecting on the local and state unemployment insurance that i had paid into for many years, and after many oh so many job apps to various airlines that hired licensed aircraft dispatchers, I finally got an answer from my hometown airlines, Hawaiian Airlines!! Funny how things happen, I've applied numerous times to Hawaiian in various capacities but it took 34 years to get hired on with them. I am truly grateful and humbled that they selected me. But, now we enter into another time of uncertainty, COVID-19!

After being here for one year and ten months, my job along with many of my fellow dispatchers jobs here at Hawaiian may be on the chopping block. Don't know what the future holds for our airline, our state and the tourism economy here and our country, but all I can do is pray and hope for the best. I know our management is doing their upmost best to mitigate the economic damage the virus has caused to our airline financially, and that's all anyone can ask.

I'm gonna try to keep up with this blog as much as I can. I've had fun doing it before, but life just got in the way.

Aloha to you all who have come to this site and read my blog.

Please be safe, take care and respect each other.

24 September 2016

Its been a long road...

Uh Hello?? Anyone still here??

Wow I came back to my blog here that I had stopped working on because I haven't had the time to do it, and I still see people who come over and read my past post. Thank You.
I know that there isn't much here on this blog, but I'm amazed that people still find this little blog and stop and read my little stories.

So little time and so much to write about. SO what new?? Well...lets see...

old owner sold our airline to new (richer) owner
went to bombardier in Toronto, Canada for dispatcher Q400 training
moved our office from overlooking the airfield at HNL (boohoo)
company decide NOT to get Q400's (WHY??...waaaaaaaaaaaa!!!)
moved to our corporate office with 3 walls and large windows
(so now everyone stare's at us like we're fish or some sort of small animal) 
new owner invested and eventually sold to another new local owner
new CEO
new CEO (not a typo, we got a new CEO then about 3 weeks later lost him and got another)
ATR's are going bye-bye! YAY!
(all you ATR lovers, don't hate on me. Our planes were 20 years old. We need new ones)
DASH 8-Q400 are returning...(eeeehhh we'll see...wink wink)
Training starts soon for the Q400's
changes, changes, changes afoot!

plus in the past 2 years I personally had some changes in my life that occurred that has left me unable to restart this blog. All good. some bad but life is full of things like that.

So, here's my second attempt to restart this blog that I really enjoyed doing.
Hope you stick around! Thanks!

06 September 2013

Where have I been??!!

I cannot believe the last time I posted anything here was back in 2012!
how time flies!

Going to try again to keep up with this blog as often as I can, but no promises. Many thanks to those who still come and visit and those who follow the blog. The duties of dispatcher and dad keep me pretty busy, but I'll try to find interesting topic to write about. I do miss the blog!

So until my next post...

27 July 2012


Got our test results and glad to say that I passed the systems exam for the ATR 72!

That's a load off my mind! So it's back to my normal schedule of getting up really early and heading into dispatch to handle our Dash 8 aircraft.

Thanks to our instructor, Chief Pilot Ryan Frost on an excellent class as well as to all the pilots in ATR Systems class 72-01. Daniel, Will, Willie, Kyle, Lance, Diana, Chris and Mike! Appreciate all the help with the tough stuff and being patient. Had a great time in class!

"Cowboy boots & tighty-white-es!"

25 July 2012

Here comes the TEST!

Another day of training is wrapping up. Tomorrow, Thursday, 26 July 2012 @ 1830 UTC we will be taking our written exam. Gotta pass by 80% or better. So as it has been all week in class whenever we have a quiet moment, everyone shuffles off to a quiet corner and studies.

After 2 weeks, we have covered the ATR 72 systems pretty thoroughly. This aircraft relies heavily on electrics, so this has become the focal point of everyone's anxiety in class. The Dash 8, I felt was an equal balance of of all the systems. But the 72, relies so heavily on electricity. Beyond that, it's not a bad aircraft. As a dispatcher, sitting in on a pilot training class and covering an aircraft system very deeply, can cause your brain to meltdown. But it's excellent exposure.

So tonight, it's study, study study! Hopefully, it all works out tomorrow and that the information in my currently "overcooked" brain will flow to my hand holding the pen and it turns out alright.